Nactus Award

2018 - 10th edition



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2018 – 10th edition

Nactus 2018

Back with its 10th edition this year, the Nactus Award Competition is an international showcase for the very best reptile and amphibian photography. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to participate as achieving the perfect picture is down to a mixture of skill, vision, originality, knowledge of nature and luck. Each edition sees thousands of entries which are then judged by a specially selected expert panel. The nominees are announced on the Exo Terra website where public voting will determine the winner of each category. The overall winner will be selected by our jury out of the 6 category winners.


  • Contest start date: June 1, 2018
  • Contest entry closing date: August 31, 2018
  • Public voting start date: January 15, 2018
  • Voting closed: March 15, 2018
  • Announcement winner: March 20, 2018

The competition

The Nactus Award

The Nactus Award is a herpetological photography competition. Its purpose is to discover the best reptile and amphibian pictures by photographers worldwide and to be inspired by their visionary and expressive interpretations of nature. The competition is open to anyone, amateur or professional, of any legal age and of any nationality. As only digital images are accepted in the competition, the judges will place emphasis on ensuring that the images faithfully represent nature.

There are 6 categories in the competition:

  1. Amphibian portraits
  2. Amphibians in their environment
  3. Amphibian behaviour
  4. Reptile portraits
  5. Reptiles in their environment
  6. Reptile behaviour

Don't miss your chance


The Overall Winner receives:

  • DJI Phantom 4 Drone
  • The Exo Terra Nactus Award, a prestigious statuette
  • A ticket to Costa Rica to attend the ceremony
  • A one-week herping trip

All category winners receive:

  • Being part of an internationally renowned reptile photography competition
  • A high-quality print of your photograph, framed with a personalised plaque
  • Featured for one year at several reptile art & photography shows
  • Guaranteed media coverage and exposure of your photograph through the Exo Terra and Nactus Award online community


Category 1: Amphibian portraits
Southern Long-toed Salamander
Chad Lane
Harlequin toad
Anton Sorokin
Moor Frog
Petr Bambousek
Black Webbed Gliding Frogs
David Northcott
White-lined Leaf Frog
Ronald Zimmerman
Borneo Horned Frog
Petr Bambousek
Category 2: Amphibians in their environment
Ameerega flavopictus
Jason Weigner
Edible Bullfrog
Living Zoology
Northwestern Salamander
Nicholas Hess
Sierra Nevada Ensatina
Chad Lane
Moor Frog
Petr Bambousek
Gliding Tree Frog
Living Zoology
Category 3: Amphibian behaviour
Megophrys nasuta
David Northcott
Common Frog
Petr Bambousek
Salamandra salamandra terrestr
Patrick Schönecker
Agalychnis callidryas
Roberto Garcia Soto
Phyllomedusa boliviana
Jason Weigner
La Palma Glass Frog
Living Zoology
Category 4: Reptile portraits
San Diego Banded Gecko
Nicholas Hess
Caiman Yacaré
Petr Bambousek
Vine Snake
Petr Bambousek
Malaysian Vine Snake
Petr Bambousek
Green Iguana
Petr Bambousek
Crested River Dragon
Mike Schultz
Category 5: Reptiles in their environment
Caiman Yacaré
Petr Bambousek
Great Basin Gopher Snake
Nicholas Hess
Congo Dwarf Crocodile
Living Zoology
Rosy Boa
Nicholas Hess
Speckled Rattlesnake
Nicholas Hess
Western Yellow-bellied Racer
Chad Lane
Category 6: Reptile behaviour
Caiman Yacaré
Petr Bambousek
San Bernardino Ringnecked Snak
Nicholas Hess
Crotalus cerastes
Cameron Rognan
Gecko and Lantern Bug
Petr Bambousek
Corallus caninus
David Northcott
Trimeresurus albolabris
Daniel Solis

Category winners 2017

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